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57North Hacklab
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Address 35a Union Street, Aberdeen, AB11 5BN
Telephone +441224583491
IRC #57n at (Freenode)
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57North is a hacker collective with a shared space (known as the hacklab, hackspace, hackerspace, or simply just the space) located in Aberdeen, Scotland. We meet regularly to share knowledge, hack on projects together, and build community. If you're interested in joining 57North, come to some of our public meetings or join the 57North mailing list.

57North was born from the efforts of a group of like-minded people in Aberdeen. We have a range of electronics and computing tools available to our members that have been donated or loaned to us by members and local organisations.

Our current home is a set of rooms located downstairs from Engage Gaming at 26 North Silver Street, AB10 1RL. Previously we were on the third floor of 35a Union Street next to the Premier shop.

At the moment we're quite focused on the new space, for which info can be found on the EngageSpace page.