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Description Doorbot - Door Entry System
People User:DocOcassi
Theme Infrastructure
Status Active

Doorbot system is not currently set-up

The Doorbot system is not currently set-up in the current hackspace. While the Doorbot system was in use in the Union St (v1) and Skene Terrace (v2) locations, it is not currently set up at the Kettock Lodge (v3) space. The Door set-up means it is probably not possible to set it up in Kettock Lodge.


Uses an ASRock PC with an Arduino Deumilanove for the door control.

Networking is a static IP set in `/etc/network/interfaces` using the space's public allocation, address *.106. Upstream router is *.105

Originally build by Ormiret and working well with a web interface to open the door.


Doorbot Ver. 2

In Progress

Based on Arduino-Nanode with an RFID Reader. this will take over from the older doorbot and remove the need for a PC, connecting straight to the network and holding card details on the Nanode.

Doorbot Version 3

Don't ask

Doorbot Version 4

At the new space we built a new doorbot.

HW in the space is now a Raspberry pi zero W with a GPIO pin connected to a relay module switching 12V to the strike release plate.

This is again controlled from button in hackhub or sending a text message with an unlock code.

There are plans to put doorbots on more doors and there are new plans to add card readers...

Many (all?) parts have been bought for the new Doorbot and are in the Doorbot box next to members project boxes.

Currently, an OpenVPN connection is used (hosted on a members VPS) to link the doorbot Pi Zero to the other things (i.e. Finan).

How doorbot unlocks the space door

Once a member click the link to unlock the space door, a http POST is made to a webserver hosted on the Pi Zero over a VPN.