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== Additional ==
The space has received a donation of Ikea Kallax shelving (2x kallax4 and 1x kallax8) to help with storage. These have been placed on the upper-floor for now. Nordin brought it over and is happy to take them away if members feel they are not useful.

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Hacker Shelving
Description Hacker Shelving
People User:Andyg
Theme Furniture
Status Active

Hacker Shelving.

The idea is to design and build hacker friendly shelving, then share design notes etc.


  • Space for A4 sized books
  • Space for a medium sized domestic printer
  • Space for active and dormant projects
  • Space for boxes of stuff
  • Needs to be standard ceiling height tall
  • Needs to be about 1m wide
  • A fair amount of standing desk type space


  • Should be quick to build
  • Should require not too many complex tools or processes

Hacker shelving in place 01.jpg

Hacker shelving without back 01.jpg

Hacker shelving side detail 01.jpg

Hacker shelving peg detail 01.jpg