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Laser Cutter
Description The space laser cutter
People User:Nordin
Theme Infrastructure
Status Active


  • On top of a built-in desk, under the middle window, in the upper floor room.


  • Fumes from lased materials. The kit should be well ventilated when in use.
  • High intensity laser light. The laser should not be viewed with the naked eye when in operation.
  • Heat. The kit will release heat when in use and should be cooled and monitored.


  • The hardware is a KH-3020 'Laser Engraving Machine'.
  • Dimensions: Width 810mm x depth 510mm x height 260mm (at highest)
  • The note 'Vinyl: 80mm/s 50%' is written on the machine's body
  • It is currently water-cooled via water piped though an ice bath.
  • The cut size is approx A4.
  • Ventilation is achieved via a fan and a length of approx 3m of large tubing that exits the machine rear
  • A new cooling solution is in development, together with a provision for better ventilation.

Current progress

  • It was proposed that the cutter is moved to under the left-side window, near to entrance to the floor toilet since entilation and cooling is a better fit here

Current State

The cutter is currently inoperative but has been moved to the window location where a shelf has been installed. Nordin is currently measuring up a panel that will house the external-facing fans/vents under the window pane and will email progress to the maillist.


We have successfully driven the laser with K40 Whisperer.