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Description The 57North Hacklab Network
People User:Irl
Theme Infrastructure
Status Idea

The 57North Hacklab Network will provide all the necessary components to connect our hackers to the public Internet using both IPv4 and IPv6 and also to the ChaosVPN, dn42 and Freifunk networks.

Component Overview

                             _ __            
                          __( =  =- _        
                         (-       -  )__- -_ 
                       (_-= _(    =-    _=-  
                          -=__(__  _-)-      
                                 |           /`(SiXXS Tunnel Endpoint)
                      |  Cisco ADSL Modem   |
     +-----------+    +--|0|--|1|---|2|--|3|+
     | Doorbot   |________/               |
     +-----------+                        |  /`(ChaosVPN Endpoint)
                      |  Edge Router Lite   |
     +-----------+    +|2|------|0|---------+
     | OpenWRT   |______/        |
     +-----------+               |
                      | Core Switch (Rack)  |
           +---------------------+    +-----------------+
           | Core Switch (Table) |----| Synology NAS    |
           +---------------------+    +-----------------+


When considering new IP ranges, it is necessary to consider which ranges would already be in use in ChaosVPN, dn42 and Freifunk. The range is available for local use and not routed outside the hackerspace. For IPv6, the hackerspace has a global scope address block (2a01:348:2f6::/48) routed and a unique local addressing address block (fd6d:89f8:7728::/48) available and new ranges should be chosen from these.

VLAN Description Address Range
DMZ DMZ 2a01:348:2f6:20::/64
100 Wired LAN 2a01:348:2f6:4::/64
110 Wireless LAN 2a01:348:2f6:5::/64
120 Spare Network (Reserved for future use) 2a01:348:2f6:6::/64
130 Spare Network (Reserved for future use) 2a01:348:2f6:7::/64
140 Door Access (none)

IPX support is planned, but will need to happen later due to time constraints. Ideas include just routing IPX over our wired/wireless VLANs but then also between hackerspaces over ChaosVPN.


ChaosVPN is a VPN to connect hackers and hackerspaces. The wired and wireless LANs are connected to ChaosVPN and, via ChaosVPN, dn42 and Freifunk's networks.