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The wired network provides Internet access using Gigabit Ethernet to space members and visitors. When you are connected to the wired LAN you will have IPv4 and IPv6 access to the Internet, ChaosVPN, Freifunk and dn42.

Static Addresses

A segment of addresses in the wired LAN is reserved for infrastructure projects. These IP addresses should only be used for long-lived devices in the space that provide services to members. If you require a static IP address temporarily or for a project that does not provide services to members then you should use an IP address from the segment of "first come first served" addresses. The remainder of the subnet is reserved for the DHCP pool.

IP Address Hostname Description Contact *Reserved* Infrastructure Projects:Network ubnt Edge Router Lite Projects:Network switch-rack Rack Switch Projects:Network switch-table Table Switch Projects:Network Alford Microserver Projects:Network pimpd Network Music Player Projects:PiMPD Benchmac Benchmac Projects:Infoscreen displayone LED Display, Projector and other things. Projects:Display One unicorn Network Monitoring Projects:Network mario Space Terminal Projects:Network luigi Space Terminal Projects:Network peach Experimental PBX and Other Toys User:Irl *First come first served* Static Allocations Projects:Network octopi RaspberryPi connected to the space Mendel Prusa I2 3D printer User:Nordin *First come first served* Static Allocations Projects:Network pbx1 Test pbx1 User:Noodlemonkeh pbx2 Test pbx2 User:Noodlemonkeh 3d printer 3d printer Projects:3d printer Red Pitaya FPGA oscilloscope DAQ thing User:Ormiret *Reserved* DHCP Pool Projects:Network