Projects:RGB outward-facing lights on the upper floor windows

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RGB outward-facing lights on the upper floor windows
Description A project idea to add RGB outward-facing lights on the 4 upper-floor windows
People User:nordin
Theme Infrastructure
Status Idea

Might be nice to have these change colour when the space is open. Ideally low power and MQTT controllable.


12v Light Strips and controllers

Can maybe use the same setup as Projects:HackyLEDS, which already works with the current home assistant config. These are 12v light strips hooked up to a DIY power FET parent variboard that mates with an ESP8266 flashed with MQTT-over-wifi Micropython.

Alternatively, we have successfully used the H801 LED Strip Light Lamp WiFi Controllers with our MQTT HASS setup.

240v Bulb bulbs

AI-Thinker AI Light / Noduino OpenLight

  • ESP8266 with a 1Mb flash memory, the 4-channel MY9291
  • For the love of god someone tell me where I can buy these - I find nothing!
  •  ? Watts
  • 548 lux

Arilux E27 from banggood

Arilux B22 from Aliexpress


HackyLEDs (Strips)

See Projects:HackyLEDS

ESPurna (Guide to flashing the H801 units)