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Description The 57North Hacklab Wiki
People User:Irl
Theme Web
Status Active

The 57North Hacklab wiki runs on This wiki is available for all members of 57North Hacklab to share whatever content they wish to share with the wider community. The wiki is based on Semantic MediaWiki and has been configured with features that are useful to the hackerspace, e.g. documentation of member projects and tools available in the space.

Authentication to the wiki is handled by 57North ID, so members that are logged in to any supported service will find they are already logged in to the wiki and ready to browse or contribute.

Technical Details

Web Server

The wiki is served by Apache 2, installed from Debian 9 (not stable-backports). Configuration for the virtual host lives in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/001-wiki.conf. The wiki is served with TLS and the certificate is issued by Let's Encrypt and managed by certbot. An attempt is made to renew the certificate hourly in root's crontab.


The wiki software, configuration and uploads can all be found in the /srv/wiki directory. The wiki software is Semantic MediaWiki with the following extensions installed:

  • TODO: Need to update this list.

The wiki is backed by a MySQL database on the MySQL server running on The database is named wiki and access from MediaWiki is performed by the user wiki.

Backup and Restore

In the past we have attempted replication of the MySQL database over Internet, which has often led to failures. This solution also did not perform backups of the uploads.

Going forward, we will produce regular XML dumps of the wiki along with archives of the uploads folder. It will then be possible for us to distribute backups amongst members of the hackerspace to give us the best possible redundancy.

A restore from the XML dump and uploads archive is not the ideal restore method, so we will also look to perform database dumps and backups of the configuration and extension configuration. These will not be shared publicly as they may contain user data that is not generally available via the wiki's web interface.