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There is storage in the lab. Much of this is work-in-progress. If you are interested then please join in discussion on the mailing list.

The space has received a donation of Ikea Kallax shelving (2x kallax4 and 1x kallax8) to help with storage. These have been placed on the upper-floor for now. Nordin brought it over and is happy to take them away if members feel they are not useful.

Storage Areas


We keep a list of large items that are in the space. Their presence needs to be justified given the amount of space they take up. Any member wishing to do so is encouraged to review this list and ensure that the items are still serving a useful purpose.

When we are fed up with large items, we move on to considering trashing them. These decisions do not happen quickly to avoid taking decisions while someone has been away for a bit that maybe wanted to keep the item, but we also won't wait forever. As items are added to this list they are discussed on the mailing list.

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