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The following is a draft policy that irl is working on as part of his Clean and Tidy Space™ initiative. Please take comments to the mailing list.

Member Storage Shelves


The member storage shelves can be found everywhere. Note that some parts of the shelves are reserved for use by the shop.

As a privilege of membership, members are permitted storage of a box to contain their projects and materials. These boxes should be labelled with your nick and contact details. The hackerspace can provide you with a cardboard box for this purpose, you may use your own box if you wish. The dimensions of the box should be no greater than 34.2cm x 44cm x 30cm (WxDxH).

You may also stack boxes, as long as they are placed within your allocation on the shelf safely. The boundaries of allocations are marked on the shelves (roughly) with tape.

If your allocation is next to another member's allocation and you would like to store something that crosses both allocations, you may do so with the consent of the other party.

Do not touch other member's boxes without their permission. An exception to this rule would be in the case of fire, leakage, bad smells, etc. Use common sense.

You may swap allocations with another member but only with their permission. You cannot force a member to swap allocations. You may swap allocations with any currently unassigned allocation.

Each shelf is 240cm in length. Each allocation is 34.2cm wide. This gives space for 7 allocations per shelf, across 4 shelves, totalling 28 allocations (of which 4 are reserved for the shop). At the time of writing we have between 10-12 paying members looking at the data, which means we could accomodate at least another 12 members/additional boxes using this system.

The area underneath the shelves must be kept clear! This space is invaluable during busy periods for storing backpacks and other large items to allow members to more easily work around the center table.

Additional Storage Box

If you require two storage boxes, you may have a second shelf allocation to use. The suggested donation to the space for this is £10/month for individuals or £20/month for groups. A one-off donation of £1 will be expected if you are to use a hackerspace-provided cardboard box for this additional allocation.

Storage space is limited. Please think carefully whether or not you really need another box. If you do then please make try to make your donations timely, perhaps by adjusting your standing order. By using an additional allocation you give the treasurer consent to reveal to anyone that may ask whether or not your dues are current and whether or not you are making additional donation on top of your membership dues (but not the specific amount).

Unattended Items

Unattended items left in allocations that are not currently assigned to a member should just not be there. Likewise if you find items that are not yours in your own allocation. This applies to the member storage shelves, other locations may be more (or less) permissive with regard to unattended items.

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